Stick positioning device


Stick-bit device is important to ensure the safe operation of the reactor equipment.

Stick-bit device consists of rod position detector and stick bits of data measurement and analysis part, responsible for detecting and displaying the actual position of the control rods in the reactor core, to ensure that the actual rod position and requirements, provides a means of monitoring the synchronization bar.


rod position detector uses a single coil structure, high reliability;
◆ A, B two independent measurement collection, safe;
difference measurement method, anti-jamming
man-machine interface display rod position information and fault information;
scram data collection;
fault detection and alarm function:
     checksum error
     non-rod position number
     single card failure
     single card loss of power
     entire rod coil power
     single coil failure
     stick digits to 0
     stick deviation
     stick from the top
     stick in the end
     ○ A group alarm
     Group B alarm
     general alarm



Company rod position device uses digital technology to avoid the inherent shortcomings of analog fundamentally: power consumption, easy to damage, zero drift, circuit complexity, debugging and maintenance difficulties.
Comprising: a high integration, low heat consumption, high precision, strong anti-interference ability, simple structure, easy maintenance and debugging advantages.


Patent name: Based on the single-coil nuclear rod position measuring device
Patent No: ZL 2012 2 0040634.6



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