NAC Wind master control system


NAC-type master system consists of Yu Zhang Electrical and DEIF (Dan Control) to develop, apply double-fed generators and direct-drive wind turbines. The main control system is the core of the wind turbine control system, which on the one hand and the functional blocks linked to receive information and issue commands through analysis and calculation, on the other hand with a remote control unit to communicate, exchange information and transfer instructions.


NAC type has a set of master control system can complete a full automatic control and monitoring of wind turbines for all functions and components central computer system. Overwrite Security system control functions, pitch system, lubrication system, hydraulic system, mechanical braking systems, yaw systems, ventilation systems, inverter system, to ensure a safe, efficient and transparent manner, coordinated operation of all components, and to achieve the fan power curve optimization.

NAC-type host system has a friendly and intuitive interface, can automatically start up and shut down, automatic and network and off network, you can monitor the real-time operational status and alarm and statistics, etc. according to the set value.




wind turbine include key components of the safety chain, generators, pitch systems, converters, hydraulic systems, transmission chain, yaw system, mechanical braking and engine room and so on. NAC type parameters of these components to the main control system for real-time monitoring, and optimized and adjusted according to wind power, to ensure the normal operation of the fan.

user can distinguish operating authority cabin, avoiding operator misuse.


◆ can provide customization features for different fans, such as fans, load optimization, system modeling, reduce system vibration, improve fan efficiency.

using innovative smart yaw strategy to ensure the protection of downtime caused by cable twist to a minimum. Select at low speed or be shut down untwisting conditions, thereby reducing downtime at high wind speeds.

◆ Using real-time monitoring, the ability to detect faults and problems pitch, generators and bearings and other components occurred.

unique control strategy, both at low wind speeds greater than conventional PID control capture wind energy, but also to make more stable and smooth running of the fan at high wind speeds.


friendly interface, quick and easy operation, for real-time viewing and inspection of each component parameters.

are equipped with a touch screen in the bottom of the column and the cabin can be done automatically start up, shut down, and the net, off-grid, yaw, untwisting and other functions.

◆ has run the live monitoring functions, alarms and statistics can be done, easy to manage.

open communication interface, support for multiple wind farm management system.

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