GL150 frequency starting device


GL150 series of frequency starting device, Siemens current inverter, suitable for all kinds of large-capacity boot synchronous motor, widely used in petroleum refining, naval, electricity, steel and other industries.

This product is imported whole, Zhang Haiyu Electric will this product is mainly used for gas turbine or gas turbine power plant pumping motors and pumped storage power plant to start.


When the gas turbine ignition speed is very low, the torque generated is insufficient to maintain their speed, it must be provided by additional means to support the additional torque acceleration. GL150 drive by adjusting the output to the motor stator current frequency, and gas turbine jointly contribute, with the turbine rotor is connected to the synchrotron start from rest to 70% of rated speed, then continue to accelerate from the gas turbine to the rated speed, thus completing the startup process.

In pumped storage power plants, GL150 frequency devices with the excitation system and the motor drive from standstill to rated speed, and complete electrical system in the same period and net operating exit.



High reliability, maintenance-free

SCR uses very sophisticated composition rectifiers and inverters; hardware highly integrated, high-quality, advanced technology, the site just as the case may be the filter cleaning process, little maintenance.

No fuse short-circuit protection

Rectifier and inverter designed to take full account of margin, may be appropriate isolation transformer and quickly removed by selecting the power supply with short-circuit protection, no configuration fuses, more reliable product.

High and low voltage complete isolation, security

The primary circuit and the secondary circuit disposed separately, SCR trigger unit with the main circuit power supply is connected to the controller via fiber optic, making high and low pressure completely isolated; high-pressure part with electromagnetic door locks, set the security logic, high-level personnel to provide security protection.

High power density

Siemens patented DC-LINK DC reactor, small size, low power consumption; cooling efficiency and power density is very high. 4.0MW As for the F-class gas turbine, 12p / 6p inverter, the power section width is only 3 m.

Common platform, four-quadrant operation

Siemens low-voltage converter using the same control platform SIMATIC CU320, versatility; vector control, four-quadrant operation, energy feedback during deceleration grid, reducing energy consumption.


Provide Profibus, a variety of communication Modbus, Ethernet, CAN, etc. Alternatively, up to four gas turbines and provide hardwired interfaces excitation system.

Powerful debugging tools and user interface

STARTER commissioning software has a strong record internal signal analysis functions, hardware configuration, parameter display and modify various functions, fault retroactive, and application configuration. With a user interface, support for Chinese operations.

Complete monitoring protection and start function

Having the insulation, over-voltage, over-current, SCR temperature, air pressure and other monitoring functions; built-start, water and purge gas turbine startup curve, etc., to provide clear external command entry, easy to gas turbine control system sequencer logic configuration.



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