Rod position detector


Rod position detector is an important part of the rod-bit systems, its role is to collect the control rod position signal, in order to ensure the normal operation of the reactor.


Rod position detector function is to capture control rod position signal, moving the control rod is converted into an electrical signal is transmitted to the rod-bit system, the control rods in the reactor in order to measure the hearts of the specific location, to provide the basis for the control rod adjustment.

Rod position detector long-term work at high temperatures, high humidity and high radiation environment; signal will be influenced by external collected unwanted signals. Zhang Yu rod position detector Electric offers not only has the ability to work in harsh environment, but also can affect the unwanted signal outside the measurement results to a minimum.


High reliability of the structure and connections, ensure stability in harsh environments; and other measures adopted to reduce the diameter of the coil to ensure the accuracy of proportions and measurements useful signal.



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