Special cable connector


Special cable connector is used in this particular area of nuclear power connector, this particularity is reflected not only in the nuclear power industry, the high demand for product safety, but also reflected in the product poor working conditions.

The rod control rod position system between the control rod control system, control rod position indication system and the control rod drive mechanism is connected by a cable top of the heap, and stack top cable and connecting these devices is the top of the heap by cable connector to complete.

Top of the stack connector is stick control rod position system connector for transmitting signals and power to achieve the control rods and rod-bit capabilities. Top of the heap connector performance has a direct impact on the integrity of the entire stick control rod position functions properly is essential to work on the entire reactor.


Special connectors in the selection of design and materials have strict requirements. It is designed not only to ensure the strength and sealing performance, but also to try to facilitate their installation and maintenance. In the choice of raw materials will have to satisfy the connector corrosion, high temperature and resistance to radiation and other requirements.


Yu Zhang electrical connector production structure is simple to install, easy maintenance, high reliability. For example, the connector with screw connection, both to ensure the reliability and increase the operability.



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