Stick control device


Reactor rod control system is to ensure the safe operation of critical equipment. Responsible for controlling the lift, lower or maintain the control rod is inserted in the core's position. Normal conditions, by adjusting the control club bits and can achieve normal start of the reactor, close-out, power regulation, and maintain operation of the reactor at a given power level; accident conditions, the control rods inserted into the reactor by rapid core, realize scram.



double-door flat structure, good heat dissipation
◆ Double hold function, safe and reliable
hand, automatic two methods of work, the control rod lift / lower plug single finger pull, release test function
man-machine interface changes, save the parameters and fault location, display
fault detection and alarm function:
     Digital current controller fault
     three-phase power phase
     output current is too large
     rod two fingers at the same time the coil current is zero

emergency alarm actions:
     bridge blockade failure output
     enhance current cut into double on hold
     fault status reporting logic cabinet emergency warning indicator lit simultaneously



The company stick control device uses digital technology to avoid the inherent shortcomings of analog fundamentally: power consumption, easy to damage, zero drift, circuit complexity, debugging and maintenance difficulties.
Advantages: highly integrated, low heat consumption, high precision, strong anti-interference ability, simple structure, easy maintenance and debugging advantages.


Patent name: nuclear power plant control rod double-door flat structure of the control device
Patent No: ZL 2012 2 0040628.0



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