Nuclear power plant emergency diesel generator excitation system


ES30 excitation system is the company's independent development, have complete independent intellectual property rights, the localization of the first set of Class 1E nuclear power plant emergency diesel generator excitation system.


Nuclear power plant emergency AC power system 1E-level system that is independent of plant medium voltage power supply system, for, when the loss of off-site power load to provide adequate safe and reliable power to ensure the safe shutdown of the reactor and mitigate the consequences of accidents, and prevent significant damage caused due to the loss of power.

ES30 excitation system is an important part of the emergency diesel generator sets, with a fast start, high initial regulation characteristics and excellent loading and unloading performance in maintaining safety of nuclear power plants have a very important role.


ES30 excitation system and can be self-excited, PMG phase compound excitation or other power supply, the phase compound excitation and / or other power supply, dual automatic voltage regulator corrector and an auxiliary composition, characteristics of each part as follows:

Phase compound excitation of Class 1E Equipment

safe and stable operation, has a certain ability to automatically adjust
excitation current with the load current and power factor automatic change
high initial response
◆ When the generator short-circuit effectively support the short-circuit current
◆ Set bypass contactor, can bypass phase compound excitation output

Automatic voltage regulator for the Class 1E Equipment

◆ using AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator
voltage control accuracy can be improved runtime phase compound
can also be run separately phase compound excitation exit
Using high-power rectifier element, cooling AN
◆ with PT Zero monitoring

Dual redundant design, with artificial switching and automatic failover functionality

Auxiliary regulator for non-Class 1E Equipment

◆ Non-Class 1E equipment, and correction is completely isolated, can be reliably removed in emergency runtime
on the corrector functional expansion, to facilitate routine testing
◆ 100% redundancy between dual module uses fiber-optic communications
DSP and FPGA using the latest digital technology to provide powerful extensions:
voltage setpoint distance adjustment function, using the software potentiometers
◆ FCR, AQR / ApfR regulation
◆ V / Hz limit, low excitation limit and over-excitation limit Inter

adjust the way, among the modules automatically track and artificial switching without disturbance
rotating diode fault monitoring functions



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