SPPA-E3000-SES530 Excitation System


SPPA-E3000-SES530 is SIEMENS (Siemens) THYRIPOL new generation of static excitation systems for all types of synchronous generators in thermal power plants, hydropower plants, nuclear power plants,
Gas turbine power plants and pumped storage power plants have wide application. As a very flexible system, both for new projects or transformation of the old system, they have strong applicability.
SPPA (Siemens Power Plant Automation Ltd.) to establish a close strategic partnership with Zhang Haiyu Electrical authorizing Haiyu Electric chapter of SPPA-E3000-SES530 excitation system
Local production, with group, machine testing and commissioning services, and provide comprehensive technical support.

Synchronous generatorexcitation systemisthe mechanical energyinto electrical energyessentialequipment,isone of the mostimportant systempower plants andelectrical system.Excitationsystem consists ofexcitation transformer,thyristorrectifier,eliminate magnetic devices,regulators andexcitation startingdevice component.as the picture shows:
(1)excitation transformer
(2)a silicon controlled rectifier
(3)off themagnetic switch
(5) Offmagnetoresistance
(6) Automaticchannel
(7) ManualChannel
(8)phase trigger
(9)from theexcitationdevice

Important features

◆ maintain the generator terminal voltage constant, and provide various types of limiters to ensure safe operation of the generator
◆ rational allocation of reactive power generators running in parallel between
◆ improve the power system stability
◆ maintain power system stability Power System Low Frequency Oscillation suppression



High reliability, high availability

Completely redundant design: fully independent dual automatic channel plus hands moving passage, rectifiers N-1 configuration and with a backup cooling system, dual independent control of power, field breaker opening double coil.

Platform versatility, excellent applicability

Siemens SIMOREG common hardware and software platform, CFC graphical programming, control logic built using standard software module; input and output using S7-300 type PLC constructed to facilitate the expansion and adjustment.

Compact structure, low maintenance

Rectifier FCL imported, the use of standardized modules and efficient cooling system, small size, large capacity, high integration hardware, reliability, on-site only filter cleaning process as the case may be, less maintenance.

Excellent regulation performance, user-friendly interface

Integrated automatic, manual, reactive power regulation, power factor regulation, control, low excitation, over-excited, over-excitation limiters, etc., a variety of PSS and other major features, as well as to adapt to different application configuration capabilities; powerful and flexible fault recorder function, fault traced to bring great convenience; touch-screen operator interface provides a graphical, visualization of buttons and instructions, easy to use, set up a dedicated test mode, the user simply generator that can be short-circuited by a simple operation and open yourself test.



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