• DATE 07-16

    Microgrid promote electric vehicles and renewable energy synergies

    Science and Technology Daily News (Reporter paragraph Jia) "electric vehicle charging infrastructure guidelines" will be released in July. In this regard, July 10, North China Electric Power University Professor Liu Nianfu said his research group at the National Science and Technology Support Progra...

  • DATE 07-16

    Accelerate energy cooperation into the Silk Road Construction

    In ancient times, the Silk Road is an important link between China and the outside world trade, cultural exchanges; now, "along the way" construction has given a new mission Silk Road, set up from a transcontinental China and Central Asian countries in the energy corridor.

  • DATE 07-16

    China's new energy vehicles to enter a new round of explosive growth

    In the 12th China (Changchun) International Automobile Exposition of 1220 show car, the new energy vehicles has become a beautiful landscape, attracting a lot of attention.



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