Regeon Electric was established in 2008, is a technology led high-tech enterprises, committed to the in-depth research of electronic and electrical equipment, product line covers thermal power, pumping energy storage, gas turbine, wind power, nuclear power and power station equipment in the field, improve the technical content and quality of products and services for customers improve efficiency. The research of enterprise collection system, the design and development of software and hardware of control system, the research of power electronic drive, and the integration of product are integrated.
Regeon Electric has a lean, efficient, has experienced R & D team, team members have high education and by industry experts with years of experience in the lead. Company technical consultant and technical advisor to the senior engineer of the State Council, and enjoy the special allowance of the State Council electric experts, in the electric drive, new energy and electrical control, nuclear power and electrical equipment to enjoy a high prestige. In recent years, Yu chapter electrical to dare to the spirit of the first in the world, has successful research of new digital rod control rod position control system, the rod position detector, nuclear emergency diesel generator excitation system, pile top cable connectors and other nuclear power plant electrical apparatus control equipment, and 2.0MW and 2.5MW wind power variable pitch system, wind power control system of wind power key equipment.
2014, by the National Energy Bureau, China Machinery Industry Federation organized in Shanghai nuclear power plant emergency diesel generator set 1E level excitation system identification, expert group is given as follows: the excitation system has completely independent intellectual property rights, products fill the domestic blank, the overall performance index reached the international advanced level of similar products, some indicators better than similar foreign products, with significant economic and social benefits.

Regeon Electric' certification
●The high-tech enterprises in Shanghai City, Shanghai City, the new special expertise enterprise
ISO9001: 2008 quality assurance system certification, the establishment of a quality assurance system based on HAF and the IAEA
CNNC contract supplier, China Guangdong Nuclear in Fa international and national nuclear Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute of qualified suppliers
Germany's Siemens generator excitation and SFC products in China only partners
Dan Maidan control equipment China Wind Turbine Pitch only partner
Schneider Electric Low Voltage Switchgear authorized production plant

Main product

1.Digital rod control system

2.Digital rod position indication means

3.Rod position detector

7.Loading and unloading electrical control system

8.Nuclear Power Plant seismic monitoring system

9.Excitation System



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